Saturday, January 30, 2010

World Antizionist Congress

World Antizionist Congress (WAC) is a group of organizations and individuals who are opposed to Zionist-Imperialist expansion throughout the world in general and Zionist barbarism in Palestine in particular.

The purpose of WAC is to develop an effective strategy to combat Zionist-Imperialist aggression.

Member Organizations
Antizionist Party of Sweden
Contact: Mohamed Omar
Deir Yassin Massacre Remembered
Contact: Rich Siegel
Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel
Contact: Joachim Martillo
Members of Masada 2000 S.H.I.T. List
Contact: Rich Siegel

Individual Members
List: 3,700+ members as of January 2010

This group is not racist, sexist, or in any way a "hate group". This group does not condone any of the aforementioned, nor do we condone violence of any kind. This group uses strictly legal means to achieve its goals.

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  1. Why is it OK for EU nations to claim "millions" of miles of territory way outside its borders but its not Ok for Jews to claim 1/5 of Israels original borders of only 10,000 square miles?? Today, there are 5 million square miles of proclaimed Islamic countries and Israel which is only 10,000 square miles surrounded by these 5 million square miles of clearly proclaimed Islamic nations. Furthermore, The Assad Government of Syria has killed and displaced more Arab civilians in two years than occurred in 60 years of Arab Israeli wars. 3000 years before Islamic existed Israel was the Jewish homeland. Today, it is 1/5 its original borders. The list below is short list of inhabited EU claimed territories which they have no right too or no history to back up any claim. The combined land mass area is 500 times the size of Israel. You are a bunch of messed up fools!!
    This is the short list
    Anguilla (UK)
    Aruba (NL)
    Bermuda (UK)
    Bonaire (NL)
    British Antarctic Territory (UK)*
    British Indian Ocean Territory (UK)*
    British Virgin Islands (UK)
    Cayman Islands (UK)
    Curação (NL)
    Falkland Islands (UK)
    French Polynesia (FR)
    French Southern and Antarctic Territories (FR)*
    Greenland (DK
    Montserrat (UK)
    New Caledonia and Dependencies (FR)
    Pitcairn (UK)
    Saba (NL)
    Saint Barthelemy
    Sint Eustatius (NL)
    Sint Maarten (NL)
    South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (UK)*
    Saint Helena, Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha (UK)
    St. Pierre and Miquelon (FR)
    Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)
    Wallis and Futuna Islands (FR)