Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Debunking the anti-Saddam Detractors Debunking the anti-Saddam Detractors Dear All, I'd like to reinforce what is being said here with a few remarks:* 1) right now, Saddam has reached a legendary status that is unrivaled on the Arab street. Never mind what the media has been showing you. At a time when leaders have been selling out the people, there stood one leader who preferred to die than sell his soul to Zionism and imperialism. He could have easily opted out by selling out. He didn't. He remaind through and through the only Arab leader to refuse to pollute himself with anything remotely connected with the so-called 'peace process'. 2) as it turns out, many of the alleged crimes that were attributed to Saddam Hussein were not of his making. For example, Halabjah, according to several official American documents, was the handy work of the Iranians. Mass graves, whereever they were found, if any, were the result of the Iraq-Iran war, and of the Iranian infiltration into Iraq in 1991. That is, they were the result of battles, not executions. In some of those graves, Iraqi Baathists who have fallen in battle are found as well. Moreover, those who went overboard in exaggerating Saddam's alleged crimes turned out to be eventually mere collaborators with Iran, the US Government, and the Mossad. The so-called Iraqi opposition that was blowing the horn on Saddam's alleged crimes eventually committed more crimes than what they claimed Saddam ever committed. In fact, their latter behavior shows exactly that Saddam was way too lenient with them and too many of them were still around to commit all of the crimes they have been committing under the watchful gaze of the American and British occupation. 3) moreover, the trash Robert Fisk wrote about Saddam Hussein in the Independent recently, is probably one of the last remnants of Zio-imperialist propaganda against Saddam, that he was allegedly at some point collaborating with the West. In fact, that sounds like a fine example of British intelligence propaganda that is meant to trash a fallen hero's memory. Get this, throughout the the Iraq-Iran War, Saddam relied mainly on Soviet, Chinese, and French weaponry, whereas Iran fought with American gear. Iran-Contra is just one example of hundreds of anti-tank missiles being sent to Iran to destroy Iraqi tanks. In fact, a study for the sources of Iraqi weapons supplies by the Stockholm Peace Research Institute showed that between 1972 and 2002 less than one percent came from the US and from the UK. The only thing the US Government gave Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war were satellite photos which turned out to be wrong. More importantly, these photos were NOT solicited by Saddam Hussein or the Iraqi leadership. It might be difficult for those who have been conditioned with anti-Saddam propaganda to accept some or all of the remarks made above. But for the Arab people, Saddam has now reached sainthood believe it or not. Later Ibrahim Alloush ** * Response to anti-resistance comments on an internet discussion forum. ** Dr. Ibrahim Naji Alloush is the Editor-in-Chief of the Free Arab Voice

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