Saturday, January 16, 2010

9/11 was NOT an Inside Job! 9/11 was NOT an Inside Job! --- John Paul Cupp, Public Relations Director of NACAZAI Sometime back I received an interesting email from an Arabic-speaking colleague containing an article detailing part of the transcripts from a question and answer secession with de facto al-Qa’idah spokesman Sheik Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Evidentially during a direct question Zawahiri confirmed what all of us at NACAZAI have thought for some time: 9-11 conspiracy-mongering, aside from having no scientific or logical basis, actually works to undermine Islamic resistance to Zionism and imperialism. Not surprisingly, Zawahiri points the finger directly at hegemonic Iran, which no longer being viewed as some sort of Islamic and "Third World" beacon of resistance, essentially attempted to diminish actual Islamic resistance achievements via spreading such idiocies through al-Manar, station of their puppet group Hezbollah. Their purpose was clear. Aside from a Shi’a sectarianism hell-bent on dominating Islamic resistance and distractions presented as resistance, these forces sought to spread despair throughout the world on the possibility that a few organized Arab Muslims getting together and networking could strike such a tremendous blow to US imperialism. By presenting 9/11 conspiracy-mongering, aside from making real historical revisionism on the Jewish “holocaust” myth look like insane theories, objectively such forces are promoting an anti-Muslim, Anti-Arab and anti-“Third Worldist” orientalism of the most chauvinistic sort: That a supposedly “backwards” people could never stage such a monumental series of resistance attacks unparalleled in world history. This argument also plays into the line that the war in Afghanistan would be justified had such attacks really occurred without the hidden hand of Zionism and the United States regime, but that this war isn’t justified because Muslims sympathetic to or harbored by the Taliban really weren’t the force behind such attacks. This is utter garbage! The Zionist-occupied regime in D.C attacked Afghanistan first. Couple that with the entire domination of the Muslim Ummah from Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and other places and retaliation against legitimate military targets, i.e. centers of imperialist finance capital, the military industrial complex, and headquarters of the regime itself, no matter the collateral damage, are clearly justified. This is war. Those of us in the United States are literally sitting ducks until we overthrow the regime and destroy Zionist and imperialist political power. Self-aggrandizing libertarians and paleo-conservatives are hereby given notice, along with all sorts of other wackos, including misguided Muslims and anti-war folks, that their behavior in attempting wipe away the political value of the greatest series of revolutionary military operations, at a time they are justified and more need to occur, simply will not be tolerated. Our peoples here in the US are ultimately being destroyed. The livelihood, freedom, and ethnic character of whole peoples throughout the world are in jeopardy, and we too share in this miserable fate until we stand up and perform effective tangible resistance. The issue of the reactionary, semi-feudal and sectarian chauvinist social role of al-Qa’idah towards Shi’a, Christians, and others, while worthy of utter condemnation, is an internal issue. While we should support the Iraqi Resistance’s struggle to weed out such elements who wreck their national unity, our primary job is to support anything and everything that is going to bring death to the Zionist-Occupation Government. Glory to September’s Martyrs!

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